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How to get rid of blackheads

Blackheads? We all abhor. Around the nose, chin or forehead, these small excess sebum that lodge in our pores are difficult to remove. How to prevent their occurrence, how to get rid of blackheads? Follow our advice.

What is a black spot?
This is a pore subject to excess sebum from the skin (stress, hormones revved) that eventually clog and become black.
220Les clay masks are effective in removing blackheads © Konstantin Yuganov

How to prevent their occurrence?
Choose a skin cleansing morning and evening with a dermatological bar emphasizing the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) and make a scrub twice a week to remove dead cells. In everyday, to limit sebum secretion, promote a healthy lifestyle by eating fruits and vegetables and limiting saturated fats, alcohol and tobacco. Another good reflex to adopt: never zap stage removal. Clean your skin with cleansing milk followed by a cleansing lotion and then moisturize with a light and mattifying cream. If you have sensitive skin, prefer removing makeup with a tissue and a micellar lotion not forget to apply a cream rich in soothing active.

How to get rid of blackheads?
When a black dot appears, the first instinct is to want to squeeze and fiddle. Yet this is the last thing to do at the risk of forming a button or a scar. To eliminate them, you must first open the pores. To do this, place your head covered with a towel over a bowl of hot water. Once enlarged pores, take a clean handkerchief and wrap it around your index fingers and press each gently between your fingers to remove the blackhead. Finally, apply an antibacterial lotion to disinfect and purify the skin. The ideal is not to touch it to avoid spreading bacteria or create indelible marks.

What if there is too much blackheads?
Two solutions exist: the first run to the dermatologist for deep skin cleansing and the second most economical regularly make masks with clay to purify and clean the skin.

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