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how to make hair grow faster

How to make hair grow faster

A little too short square gradient too pressed or simply a frantic need right now, immediately Blake Lively’s hair … We all have good reason to want our hair grow faster. Here are our tips to ensure effective hair regrowth.

Hair growth is a very precise cycles that vary the genetic heritage of each:
– A shoot of phase 2 to 7 years depending on the individual (2-4 for men and 5-7 for women generally)
– A 3-week recovery phase
– A three-month falling phase

Identify shoot disruptive
The phase of hair growth can be affected by several external factors: stress, fatigue, dysfunctions related to age, helmet or even products ill-suited to his scalp. To identify the reasons for the slow growth of his hair, the ideal is to make an accurate diagnosis to her hairdresser or better, with his dermatologist to know the status of his scalp and detect any alopecia (acceleration hair loss). Catherine Chauvin, director of the Institute René Furterer in Paris, is clear: “The healthy hair, it is primarily the roots and a healthy scalp. We propose to institute a diagnosis that establishes a comprehensive assessment of the hair’s condition. We then propose a customized treatment protocol adapted and we provide the right advice to continue the care home. »
Once the causes of the problem found, some gestures are to be avoided, others to adopt

Mistakes to avoid
Choosing shampoos and care based on what we see of her hair is a mistake. Better ask your hairdresser who has a good vision of the state of your scalp and can direct you to the right products. Thus, “many people are unaware that they have oily dandruff because unlike dry dandruff, they remain stuck to the scalp and stifle the bulb,” says Catherine Chauvin. In the same way, we can focus our attention on our dry ends without seeing that the roots are greasy.

The right actions to take for effective hair regrowth
Also a good shot daily brush, make a self-massage of the scalp, once or twice a week, before shampoo, helps boost blood circulation and re-oxygenate the skin. Five minutes to relax! The ideal: to do it with a care that promotes hair growth (as Rene Furterer Complexe 5 with stimulating essential oils, if the scalp is not irritated because assets can heat and blush the skin).

Zinc, hazelnut oil, watercress, B vitamins, yeast … Take supplements to stimulate hair growth can be useful, alongside a healthy and balanced diet.
It is worth also occasionally resort to anti fall regrowth shampoos or activators packed with essential oils and assets that promote microcirculation while providing good nutrient inputs to the bulbs.

We will hunt ideas
> Regularly cut his hair will not grow hair faster. In contrast, cool tips helps restore strength and mass to the lengths.

> The fact of attaching hair often does not affect hair growth but can damage the lengths.

> Scrubs scalp may be needed if you have dandruff. Otherwise, they can be aggressive and against-productive.

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