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How to reduce dark circles: part 2

11. We eat less salt and avoid drinking too much at night!

How to reduce dark circles 222
Salt and water are the  fatal combination to have the big bags under the eyes! In fact, if you have too salty diet and in addition, if you drink a lot of water before bedtime, you will see the appearance of pockets. So from now on, adopt a balanced diet, avoid eating too much salt and wood regularly throughout the day to look ten years younger!


12. opts for Saline!

How to reduce dark circles bb
Wash regularly inside the eyes with saline is also a good beauty routine to clean his eyes. Moreover, even the ophthalmologists recommend, especially if you are allergic (including makeup). You will find this serum in individual doses in pharmacy.



13.  take care of your makeup removal!

Сleaning woman face with cotton pads. Cosmetic treatment.

The removal is an ultra-important step of the eyes. But no need to rub it like a frenzied to remove make-up. On the contrary!
Be very delicate: make gentle movements, without stretching the skin or press strongly on pain accentuate your problems of eye bags!



14. We try ice!

How to reduce dark circles nn
Wrapped in a towel in a bag or a clean washcloth, cubes are very effective to relieve puffy eyes. Indeed, cold active circulation around the eyes. Apply your pockets ice ten minutes on your dark circles and you’ll see, the result is amazing!



15. We apply the rose water!


The rose water (available in herbal or supermarkets) is ideal for complete cleansing of the eyes smooth and awaken the eye. It soothes, regenerates and tones.

Soak two cotton pads with rose water stored in the refrigerator (to accentuate the decongestant side) and apply them gently on your eyelids. As a bonus, the delicious fragrance of flowers!


16. Apply mashed coffee!

how to reduce dark circles

Strange as it may seem, the coffee mashed applied a few minutes on the eye is a grandmother remedy effective enough to get rid of both dark circles and puffy eyes.



17. released your concealer!

how to reduce dark circles
To cover up the dark circles, the concealer. Using the brush or applicator stick, we put a touch of concealer on the corner of the eye and the two buttons below the eye. Fingertip it fades in from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye. For indeed, we choose the color of her concealer a shade lighter than her skin tone.


18. dips a cotton milk!

Fresh milk
With milk, it also works according to  our grandmothers! Applied for 10 minutes on each eye a cotton soaked in semi-skimmed milk (we reassure you, with skim milk is the same thing). In the end, you will have the feeling of having eyes less tired.



19. swallow vitamin C!

how to reduce dark circles
To avoid problems conjunctivitis, vitamin C is a must. This vitamin will strengthen your immune system and reduce the risk of infections. So we rush on fruits and vegetables!




how to reduce dark circles
Of course, for doe eyes, the most effective solution is … sleep! Indeed, restful sleep is the prerequisite to regain a rested look. While the ultimate advice that you should follow to the letter is to make your nights! Take the test, a good night’s 8:00 for a week and see the difference …

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