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influenza symptoms and home remedies for cold

Although I love winter, I have to admit that it comes with some negatives. For my part, I have to have cold about 9 times a year. I am not resentful towards the cold season!

You wake up one morning and you do not feel well? You are tired, have a runny nose and cough? Do you have a cold or the flu? I will clarify for you their various symptoms!

Flu (influenza)

– Tired;

– Generalized muscle pain;

– Chills;

– Temperature + 40 degrees Celsius;

– Sneezing;

– Dry cough.

The symptoms of fatigue and cough can last up to 2 weeks. If symptoms worsen or if the patient is at risk; Young children, the elderly, pregnant women, I advise you to consult a health professional.


– Sore throat;

– Runny nose;

– Headache;

– Slight fatigue

– Sometimes a cough.

Tricks home


– The infusion of hot water, honey, lemon and thyme: perfect for sore throat.


– Inhalation of hot water in a bowl with 3 drops of essential oil of lavender: good remedy against headache!

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