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Our program for pretty hands

pretty hands

Our hands are abused every day, yet they are indispensable and can even be a seductive asset. So to keep them spotless, here are some tips and tricks for pampered … parcequ’elles well worth!

It has a new look

As soon as you can, make a scrub on your hands to get rid of dead skin cells and leave the very soft skin. In addition, after exfoliation, your hands will be ready to receive all the care you will apply thereafter and will absorb even more.

There are specific scrubs hands, but a face or body scrub will also do nicely. The important thing is to do it regularly, but not too long not to attack the epidermis: 5 seconds is enough!

The trick: place a scrub near your sink and every morning when you wash your hands, add a dab to your regular exfoliating soap.


One slogan: moisturize!

We often tend to forget, but hand skin is very thin and needs to be pampered every day. Several times a day, so it is important to apply a moisturizing or nourishing cream, depending on the skin needs.

Every morning and every time you wash your hands, remember to rehydrate your hands to make a car quick massage on top, but also between the fingers. Do not forget to feed the little skins and cuticle around the nail, which will be sharper and therefore more attractive.

Many women who are reluctant to put, because of the uncomfortable it may leave a greasy film on domestic hands. No more excuses, after application, you simply rub your palms on a towel, a tissue, or clean with a cotton soaked with tonic lotion.

Always a little cream in your bag to wear to the office or hands in the bathroom, never to zap this essential step!

At night, before bed, apply a specific treatment or a richer cream, thick, leave for 15 minutes around your hands to turn round a past wet towel in the microwave. Remove the excess, leaving a thin layer, the heat of the night, facilitates the penetration of active the next day, your hands will have received a maximum of hydration.

The trick: to plump the surface of your hands, you can apply a face mask rich in hyaluronic acid overnight.



This part of the body, constantly naked, exposed to many external influences: wind, cold, sun …

To prevent staining, protect them with sunscreen, you can add to your daily moisturizer.

You should avoid touching household products such as cleaners bleach, really sensitize the skin. And does the dishes and cleaning preferably with gloves as hand skin is porous and absorbs everything, even the bad things …

And when it’s cold, the¬†skin must be¬†protected with very warm gloves to prevent chapping.

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