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how to reduce dark circles: part 1

How to reduce dark circles, puffiness and puffy eyes?


– Dark circles and puffiness: 20 tips for removing dark circles and puffiness

Your eyes look tired? You would like to have a rested look, but your dark circles and puffy eyes make your look ten years  more?

Do not panic! Devours our 20 tips to find a magical sparkling eyes without dark circles, no pockets, and without wrinkles!
1.  adopt eye massages!

how to reduce dark circles

Gently massage the eye area with your index is the regular morning beauty routine to adopt to   relax tired eyes.
It is best to start this massage in  the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner and then finish  on the upper contour. And finally tapping point by point these areas in order to stimulate    blood circulation. A gesture easy to do and very fast!


2. We put a spoon in your eyes!

how to reduce dark circles

Place in the refrigerator two teaspoons for 15 minutes and lay them over your eyes for ten minutes. Repeat the process every morning and see that your dark circles disappear quickly.



3. hydrate!

how to reduce dark circles 1

For fine lines that fit around the eyes (which are, there is only one way to fight: hy-dra-ta-tion No need for anti-wrinkle creams, you’re too young! to use such products. by cons, do not hesitate to do a little massage around the eyes with almond oil at night before going to bed.



4. We test the blue Drops!

how to reduce dark circles 3

This natural elixir created by Innoxa based distillates sweet clover, elderberry, witch hazel, cornflower and chamomile promotes relaxation and rest the eyes. Some Blue Drops inside the eye awake in white and will give your eyes an irresistible glow.
5. taking vitamin A!

Vitamin A is important for the body, it is not a secret.
But did you know that it is also necessary to keep the eyes healthy? A deficiency of this vitamin can cause dryness of the conjunctiva of the eye and swollen eyelids. To avoid this, so crunches foods rich in Vitamin A (tomatoes, peppers, spinach, carrots, apricots, egg yolk …) or you opt for supplements.

6. We put cucumbers!

how to reduce dark circles 5
Cucumber slices are well known for the benefits they bring to our little eyes. This is simply because this vegetable is soaked in water and moisturizing effects. The good resolution? We put a washer on each eye at night before going to bed for 10 minutes to rest his eyes. A beauty gesture to renew regularly for a relaxing time at riquiqui price!


7. dare anti-hemorrhoid cream!

how to reduce dark circles 22
Use of anti-hemorrhoid cream to combat dark circles can be seen as a barbaric solution but fancy, fashion models and celebrities are using this method odd years!
A Preparation H key (sold in pharmacies) help fight swollen eyes thanks to its formula based halibut and yeast liver oil. Notice that you would ask the doctor and pharmacist if this kind of remedy is appropriate in your case.

8. We sleep on the back!

how to reduce dark circles 6And, yes sleeping on your back at night is also an effective way to say “bye bye” to the bags and dark circles. This position would tend to prevent the accumulation of fluid under the eyes. But we will forgive you if you do not manage to maintain this position throughout the night!
9. It takes a special eye care!
Moisturizing eye skin to strengthen tone and elasticity around the eyes is important, especially for sensitive skin more vulnerable to dehydration.
The difference with face creams? These creams around the eyes are enhanced with soothing agents and draining such as vitamin K, ruscus or chestnut. Moreover, they are lower in fat, so do not hesitate to use them!

10. infused tea!

how to reduce dark circles 8
No need to hide you behind your XXL sunglasses when puffy eyes! There is a simple way to solve this problem: just place the black tea infused bags of chamomile or cooled in the fridge on each eye for 5 minutes every morning upon waking. It’s magic!



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