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How to discipline a child: how to calm a child.

How to discipline a child?

We love beautiful kids. but, when they start squirming, screaming and stamping without reason, it’s exhausting. Our experts bring us solutions to finally succeed in calming our small energy balls.

1-How to discipline a child :The technique of radio

If he talks too much, if he cries, tell him he is like a “radio” and that you will help him down the sound. Made as if he had a button on the hand you’re going down the volume. Give him: “You see, by clicking here, I lower the sound.” You will also need to speak very slowly. You can add: “We will make a secret radio for both, we are the only ones to hear.”

2-How to discipline a child: Teach him the “game of the statue”

You will explain to him that he has to jump, dance but that in  your signal, it will have to stop completely. Suggest a reward. If he makes the slightest movement, he lost and must start over.

3-How to discipline a child: The game Turtle

If he does not stop running in front of you while you’re on the street, offer to play “game of the turtle” turtle moves very slowly by moving his head left and right to locate obstacles. Ask him  to write down everything he sees. Then thank him because without him, there was all sorts of things that you would not have seen.

4- How to discipline a child :a childWe breathe!

Teach him to breathe slowly through the stomach, explaining that the “artists” (singers, actors, dancers) do to control their voice and / or their movements. To help, put your hand on her belly, saying he has inflated “like a balloon” and expel air to the balloon deflates.

5- How to discipline a child :a childReconnect him to his body

Give him first drink a glass of water and then offer him to “get his bougeaille” by shaking in every direction, for example. Then feel the feelings inside him standing still. You can also give him a task to run his excess energy to an activity: “You run to the kitchen to get the napkins.”

6-How to discipline a child :a child Straw

Offer to blow air through a straw in a glass of water or making soap bubbles. It instantly soothes his breathing and heart rate.

7-How to discipline a child: a child Occupy smaller and set limits to the greatest!

The little one, especially if he  has acquired walking, needs to move to interact with their surroundings. A natural way to build! It is also possible that this environment, sometimes unknown to him, and worries that it should be appropriated to master!

If it bothers adults too, it is desirable to occupy anticipating the situation and thus providing equipment (toys, books, music, and why not a small snack) that allows him to focus upon another thing that intrigue and excite the point of not being able to ask …

8-How to discipline a child: a childfirst ask the right questions

Unfortunately no magic solutions! It will be different for each child: a diversion, talk to him, get his attention so that he is interested in something and he does not agitated in a vacuum. Every parent did as he can and agitated in turn for solutions, but more often it is found does not work … Besides asking the right questions. The child is not agitated “by chance” is the discharge path of his anguish. A red flashing to tell us that something is wrong … It is also necessary to find anything to respond effectively to this agitation. This may be as different as the birth of a little brother, a problem in the couple or a death in the family, etc. The child disturbed by these events will react with a symptom bedwetting, school lock or agitation …

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