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How to stop someone from snoring

To stop someone snoring can be a problem. It’s frustrating to have to hear every night. It makes you lose sleep. There is some tips to help someone stop snoring.

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The tips to help you stop someone snoring are (and it is up to you to push it to follow):

  • Raising his head with a pillow. We recommend snoreless Pillow. Use a firm pillow. Too soft pillow that causes the muscles relax too, which narrows the airways.
  • Stop drinking alcohol and smoking. Drinking fact that the muscles in the neck too relax, blocking the airway. I discovered that smoking inflames the tissues of the respiratory tract.
  • Avoid certain foods at least an hour before going to bed, especially dairy products.
    Lose weight. When overweight and that is not in shape, and it does not leave much space for the respiratory tract. Start training.
  • Sleeping on your side as often as possible. Someone told me that if you sew something uncomfortable on the back of his shirt, like a tennis ball, it helps to sleep on his side. The majority of people who snore, do lying on their backs.
  • Go to bed at regular times. Try to make a habit of bed at the same time and waking up at the same time. The body needs a regular and restful sleep, and poor sleep habits can induce snoring.
  • Honey can also help reduce snoring. The sugar in honey is good for us and helps lubricate the throat.
  • Do not eat large meals just before bedtime. I discovered that if you have a lot of food in his stomach, there was more pressure on our diaphragm, which prevents us from breathing properly.
  • Avoid rich foods. The ice cream, desserts very sweet … Many people love them, but reducing their consumption can be useful.
    These 8 tips can help reduce snoring, and maybe even stop it completely.

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