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Yoga for weight loss

Yoga for weight loss

What are the “lotus flower”, the “Water Lily” and “bamboo”? Ok, these are all deodorants perfumes toilet, but especially: these are yoga positions! Besides talking about yoga, here’s one that hides his game! Often described as “quiet” or “grandpa” is not at all the activity that comes to mind when one must lose weight.
Yet! Under these tunes relax and Zen sport, it uses all of our muscles, for a thin and toned silhouette.
Fork & Bikini tells you is how to make a Zen spirit in a dream body through yoga.
1. Yoga for weight loss: For whom?

I run so …

… I like undemanding sports. Contrary to popular belief, yoga is a simple enough discipline not need a tray 7 in sport, it can be learned from a book, or with videos on the internet. This means that it is part of the sports that can be practiced without leaving home! Concerning the equipment, floor mats and a basic outfit than enough.

… I’m stressed. Yoga is not a sport like any other. Discipline “Zen” par excellence, it is (re) known for its relaxing and soothing for both the body and the mind. His practice is particularly recommended for women whose weight gain is stress related party. In summary, with yoga you open your chakras, and promotes our weight loss!

2. Benefits of Yoga: Good for the mind … but not only!
In the collective imagination, yoga is more spiritual than physical sports. Big mistake! The lotus flower, water lily and the grasshopper do not work the mind, away from …. So is overcome misconceptions, and we do not lose sight that regularly practice yoga also helps .. .

ALL muscles and tone the body, harmoniously because it asks all the muscles.
improving our flexibility and posture. Ideal for those who want a slim silhouette and feel “packed”
breathe better, which will help eliminate toxins fixed in tissues.

In addition: the majority of women who practice yoga in a weight loss goal agree that the higher you go the better you perform the poses, the more one feels comfortable in our bodies. One feels a great sense of control, self-control, which helps us truly to fight against food temptations, and to learn new eating habits.

3. What kind of yoga?

What yoga to lose weight?
A healthy mind in a perfect body, we said yes! And if we want them fast, we just dig into these types of yogas, reputed to give faster results. How? By combining yoga and dance (or gymnastics) very dynamic.

The Power Yoga. The principle of power yoga is simple: it connects thirty traditional yoga positions, but in a hot room at 40 ° C to remove a maximum of toxins.

Bikram Yoga. Popular with stars (Lilly Allen, Jennifer Aniston …), the bikram yoga is based on the same principles as power yoga. Very invigorating and effective, it can build muscle smoothly and quickly lose our unsightly pounds.

Note: before performing these 2 types of yoga, it is essential to make an appointment with the doctor to see if one has not incompatible with this type of exercise in warm room.

The Ashtanga Yoga. Come straight from India, this method is based on yoga breathing exercises performed in synchronization with classic yoga postures. Objective: to produce and release an intense internal heat, to cleanse our bodies and muscles.

The Salsathérapie. As the name implies, this method combines salsa and breathing exercises and relaxation from yoga. Very soon, we feel our more toned and light body.

The Yogalates method. As the name suggests (again, in fact yoga is not that complicated!), Yogalates combines exercises of Pilates and physical and breathing exercises of yoga.

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The weight loss recipe for this week

Glasses with exotic fruits
Finish your holiday meals with a sweet and light touch enjoying these glasses with exotic fruits. Balanced flavors, they will satisfy your taste buds happy.

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Ten new easy habits to lose weight: part 2

5 – Prepare the same meal for the whole famill

Often meant that we quickly abandon our resolutions is to see in the plates close food we dream and that is prohibited. We say “a handful of chips is not so bad,” “a portion of cake with chocolate, just today,” and before you have time to realize, new habits are swallowed faster than the food in question!

We just said: do not do diet! So your new way of eating you may be suitable for the whole family: fruits and vegetables, lean meats and dairy products, whole grains, etc. Do not think that your children will lack nutrients if they eat like you. On the contrary, they will learn how to eat for life. If it sounds you need, you can “adjust” their menus as needed with milk or larger portions of grain, but the menu will be the same for everyone!
6 – Begin your meal with a soup or salad

To control your appetite, always try to take a bowl of soup or a vegetable salad (without adding a glass of oil) before the meal. The satiety and happen to your brain time that you get to the main course (and dessert!) And you’ll be less likely to throw you over pasta or rice! Where this is not possible, for example, if you are in someone who has cooked a main course, or if you are short on time, you will get the same result by slowly drinking a glass of water just before the meal.
7 – Eat len-ly

If you are hungry, eat quickly, there is a good chance that you consume more food than you really need. Take the time to savor every bite and chew, and you will quickly realize that you do not even need to finish your plate to be full.
8 – Review your portions


The portions being proposed at the restaurant are often 3-4 times larger than those recommended by the Canada Food Guide. In order to really know how much of each food you should eat, do not hesitate to download your copy of the guide and hang it on your fridge. Very quickly, you will know the recommended servings and will not even need to see the document.
9 – Never be hungry!

It’s when subjected privations our bodies we are most likely to pounce on junk food nutrients and yet too rich …

It is essential to make three meals a day (do not skip breakfast!) And also provide some healthy snacks for energy decreases: fresh or dried fruit, chopped vegetables, yogurt, nuts, etc.
10 – Do regular physical activity

You already know … Sport is an integral part of an effective fitness. If it is not possible to travel often you in a gym, try at least to take a more active lifestyle: walk more, get a common transport stop before yours, take the stairs instead of the elevator, go out and play with the kids, gardening, take bike rides on weekends, dance, etc. There are many ways to be active and have fun.

Finally, remember that the only person able to make these changes, it is yourself! As you can see, the above tips will not turn your life into “boot-camp” but they might help you finally lose those few pounds that bother you without you even realizing it. It would be a shame not to try. What have you got to lose, except your love handles?

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Ten new easy habits to lose weight: part 1

All nutritionists say: the best way to lose weight permanently is to do it gradually by improving his diet and lifestyle. Diets only work short term and are entering the body in a downward spiral of weight loss / gain.

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