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Ten new easy habits to lose weight: part 1

All nutritionists say: the best way to lose weight permanently is to do it gradually by improving his diet and lifestyle. Diets only work short term and are entering the body in a downward spiral of weight loss / gain.

But realistically, if we want to lose weight and apply themselves to eat only salad or protein bags, what should we do?

How to change our lifestyles sustainably?

Here are 10 easy habits to take … Just run you, and have a little perseverance.
1 – Make yourself reasonable goals

It is useless to want to lose 5 pounds in record time and then resume almost as quickly because resumes his old habits once the goal is reached. It really is better (and rewarding) to stick to a regular loss even though it is longer in time.

It is also recommended not to weigh yourself every day: choose one morning a week and record your progress in a journal. Although many people choose Monday as “weighing day”, a trick is to opt instead for Friday: you will avoid to see on the scale small excesses sometimes made the weekend …

In addition, rather than see the “mountain” of weight to lose, do step by step, giving you a small reward after each victory. For example, you say: “Every time I show 4 lbs less, I offer a massage or a pedicure. »
2 – Seek the support of your loved ones

The best way to keep your resolutions in time is not to feel alone in your approach. Feel free to talk about your intentions to “get in shape” to your family, spouse, family, etc. For example, if your lover know that you love chocolate bars and you back after each trip to the corner store, you could ask him to restrain his generosity, or otherwise guide!
3 – Rid your home of temptation

Candy, ice cream, cookies, chocolate bars and other chips packets are  theyof the eye in the pantry (or freezer)? It might be good to clean your closets . There is no question of eliminating these foods from your life forever, but this simple action will avoid you throw on hyper caloric foods at the slightest stress (and we do it all!) The next time you want to taste one of those little pleasures, you will take time to anticipate it, and you will enjoy your slice of cake!
4 – Stay hydrated

Often, we think we are hungry, and you are actually thirsty! Nutritionists recommend drinking 1.5 to 2 liters of fluid each day. And liquid, we mean water, of course, because it’s always the best drink. If you can not bring yourself to drink only water “flat”, choose other noncaloric beverages: tea and herbal tea (without sugar), mineral water and flavored, diet sodas occasionally, etc. Avoid drinking too much fruit juice (even 100% fruit juice facts contain lots of sugar), liqueurs and spirits.



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