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What causes dry lips ?

What causes dry lips

What causes dry lips ?

The most frequent causes of lip dryness:

-The cold



-Dry atmospheres

-Insufficient hydration

-An unbalanced diet (eg poor restrictive diet in essential fatty acids) or vitamin deficiency

-Smoking, which affects the assimilation of vitamins A and C, results in impaired blood circulation, and is one of the main factors of premature aging


-Excessive alcohol consumption

-Taking certain medications


-Repeated wetting the lips with saliva, which increases their drying
the act of breathing through the mouth.

It takes both daily limit dehydration and protect the skin from damage. To do this:

* Apply daily and throughout the year a protective balm
* In case of sunshine, opt for a protective balm with sunscreen (SPF higher than or equal to 30)

*Avoid removing dead skin. To remove, run a cotton, clean washcloth or soft brush teeth impregnated with warm or hot water on the lips.

*Avoid wet lips with saliva, the drying effect.

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  1. Tash says:

    A bit surprising, but I find that a facial does amazing things to help with dry skin (I guess there is a lot of moisture going on all over your face and your lips don’t miss out). I’ve just discovered LookBooker (www.lookbooker.co) which makes booking a facial in NYC SOO easy!!


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